Building the HMT editing environment locally

(rough notes)


  • git:
  • bash shell. Built in if you are on a POSIX system like OS X, Linux or UNIX. If on a Windows operating system, you can use the bash shell that is installed with git.

Editing with Atom


  1. Install atom from If on OS X, open atom and choose from the Atom menu, “Install Shell Commands”
  2. Install atom packages used in HMT editing for XML and delimited text files.
  3. Configure TEI validation using atomic-tei.


Installing atom packages. From a bash shell, use the atom package manager apm to install the following packages:

apm install intentions
apm install busy-signal
apm install linter
apm install linter-ui-default
apm install linter-autocomplete-jing
apm install atom-xsltransform
apm install tablr
apm install xml-formatter

Download (from somewhere… temporarily here: ) the file atom-tablr-conf.cson, and

cp atom-tablr-conf.cson $HOME/.atom/config.cson

Installing plugin for TEI validation.

  1. Clone or download the atomic-tei github repository at
  2. In a bash shell, cd into the cloned/downloaded repository, and run apm link

Validation with MOM

For partial validation (used in 2017 summer seminar):

To add morphological validation:

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