How to create scholion identifiers

Before we can index or edit a passage of text, we must be able to identify, but, unlike lines of the Iliad, the scholia we are editing have never been assigned unique identifiers. Part of our job as editors will be to create these identifiers.

Scholia in the Upsilon 1.1 manuscript will begin with this URN:


For the Venetus B, use:


You will append to these the identifier for the specific scholion. The convention we will follow is to begin with the page identifier (e.g., for the recto side of folio 127, 127r), followed by an underscore, followed by a sequential number. NB: this may not correspond to the footnote number used by the scribe!

For example, the first scholion on page 127 recto in the Upsilon 1.1 will be named urn:cts:greekLit:tlg5026.e3.hmt:127r_1

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