Before you come to Washington

Setting up an editing environment

From the HMT documentation site, see a list of technologies we use, and how to install them. Please download the listed packages, and do your best to install them. Don’t worry if it doesn’t all go perfectly.

We’ll use github to share our work. If you don’t yet have a github account, please sign up for one:

Reading for first seminar meeting

Please complete this very short reading assignment before our first meeting on Tuesday morning (July 10).

On arrival at CHS

Find the main building. Someone will help you get checked in to your room. As soon as you are settled, please return to the main building with your laptop. We’ll meet with you in the “Mosaic room” for a pre-flight checkup and help with any software installation and configuration you have questions about.

On Monday evening, we’ll have an opening reception at 6:30 in the Main Building.

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