Editing scholia

Assigned reading:

  • Background on the scholia and the language of the scholia: read Dickey, Ancient Greek Scholarship 106-112.
  • Greek numerals: Dickey, 131-132.
  • Bird, “Critical Signs,” chapter 5 in Recapturing a Homeric Legacy (available from Sakai)

Practice scholia reading!

  • In Dickey, page 150, look over her examples numbered 37-40, and compare her “key” to those scholia on p. 179.

  • Then, skim the list of topics covered in Dickey 112-130, so you can look up her discussion if (when?) you run across one of those issues in your editiorial work.

Have at hand:

  • if you use an iOS device, keep a lexicon such as Lexiphanes handy

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