Week 1 schedule

Monday, June 27, is arrival day. Once you have checked in, bring your laptop to House A to install the HMT virtual machine.

Monday at 6:00 pm: Informal reception, CHS Common Room

Seminar sessions are held in House A. Morning seminars begin at 9:00 a.m.; afternoo sessions begin at 2:00 p.m.

DateAM seminarAM work sessionPM seminarPM work session
Tues., June 28The HMT project in the landscape of DH, 2016Teams begin paleographic annotation of Iliad text. Optionally, learn more about using your virtual machine.Parry and Lord; Homeric Questions as background of the Multitext projectTeams begin hard-copy editing of Iliad text. Read Allen’s summary of his study of how the Venetus A was composed
Wed., June 29Introduction to XML editingBegin XML editing of the Iliad; teams validate text/artifact/image relations for Iliad text (dse validation)Introduction to Iliad 24 
Thurs., June 30Overview of the HMT “total editing” processTeams create visual index of scholia.Achilles UnboundTeams begin to edit scholia.
Fri., July 1Research methods, 1: studying text-reuse in the scholia. (Skype session with Holy Cross team presenting in Krakow.)Continue editing; pick out a problem to bring to Monday morning seminar.Introduction to reading scholiaNB: group dinner; gather in the Common Room at 6:30.

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