Indexing scholion markers

For the Upsilon 1.1 or Venetus B manuscripts, scholion markers within the Iliad text link passages in the Iliad to scholia. We need to record these after editing the scholia.

Create an index file

  1. In your repository, please create a directory (folder) named scholion-markers
  2. In the scholion-markers directory, create a file with a name ending in .cex
  3. Add this heading line to the cex file:

    reading#image#scholion#linked text

Entries in your index file

Each line represents one entry, with four pieces of information.

  1. The reading of the marker. Use HMT XML markup as you would in your edition. For example, if the marker is a Greek numeral 1, you should record <num>α</num>
  2. A region of interest on an image illustrating the marker and the Iliadic word it is placed over.
  3. The CTS URN for the scholion this marker links to.
  4. A CTS URN for the Iliad line that is linked, including a subreference (beginning @) identifying the word that is marked.


Here is a valid entry:


Breaking out each part:

  1. <num>Θ</num> is the reading (numeric 9)
  2. urn:cite2:hmt:vbbifolio.v1:vb_128v_129r@0.5227,0.6307,0.03371,0.03202 is the image reference (illustrated below)
  3. urn:cts:greekLit:tlg5026.vb:129r_9 is the URN for the scholion linked to this passage
  4. urn:cts:greekLit:tlg0012.tlg001.vb:10.1@παρὰ is the Iliad passage

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