Week 1: introduction to digital editing

Seminar sessions are held in House A. AM seminars begin at 9:00 a.m., PM sessions begin at 2:00 p.m. Brief (20 minute) scripting sessions (“Scripting the HMT”) begin at 5:00.

Mon., July 9

Arrival, and opening reception (CHS Common Room, 6:30)

Tues., July 10

AM session: Citation and paleographic annotation.

Team project: Paleographic annotation of Iliad text.

PM session: Documented scholarly editions.

Team project: DSE indexing of Iliad text.

Bonus event: tour of “Black Classicists” exhibit with Caroline Stark, Assistant Professor of Classics at Howard University. Gather at CHS Common Room, 3:15.

Wed., July 11

AM session: The Homer Multitext as an Extension of the Fieldwork of Milman Parry and Albert Lord. Preparation

Team project: Complete paleography and DSE indexing of assigned page in Upsilon 1.1; optionally, do the same for assigned page in Venetus B. See instructions on DSE indexing.

Optional library tour: Meet in Common Room at 12:00.

PM session: the HMT project editorial model, and XML editing. Preparation

Team project: Begin XML editing of Upsilon 1.1 Iliad text.

Scripting the HMT: Digital URNs

Thurs., July 12

AM session: From Song to Text. Preparation

Team project: Complete XML editing of Upsilon 1.1 Iliad text. Optionally, begin editing Iliad text in Venetus B.

PM session: Introduction to reading scholia

Scripting the HMT: Scala collections

Fri., July 13

AM session: Poetics of Iliad 10. Preparation

PM session: Scholia reading party

Scripting the HMT: Some magic libraries

Sat., July 14

(Reminder: no breakfast)

AM session: Comparing manuscripts: what do we know about transmission of scholia ?

Catered lunch at 12:30, after which you are free for the weekend. Week 2 schedule posted by Sunday evening!

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