Week 2 schedule

Mon., July 16

AM session: Iliad 10 in the Scholia. Preparation: please read “Comparing Scholia: one example

PM session: Publishing the Homer Multitext

Scripting the Homer Multitext: Create your own classes. (This will be our final scripting session: you now have enough background for us use short scripts in our seminar sessions.)

Pancake potluck: time and place TBA.

Tues., July 17

AM session: Navigating the Homer Multitext project, and writing with Markdown. Preparation

PM session: A tour of the Homer Multitext archive

Wed., July 18

AM session: Homeric scholia and manuscripts in 2018.

PM session: Topic modelling the Iliad. Preparation.

Thurs., July 19

See detailed schedule of meeting times

AM session: Individual team consultations on projects + meetings with groups by institution to plan work beyond summer, 2018.

Team project: Rehearse oral presentations

PM session: Individual team rehearsals of oral presentations.

Fri., July 20

AM session: Presentations.

PM session: Past perspectives and future prospects for the HMT project.

Closing dinner. Time TBA

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