Preflight check list

If you can run through the entire sequence in the first two sections, you have everything you need to edit manuscripts for the Homer Multitext project.

1. Testing software in a Docker container

If you installed Docker Desktop, start Docker. When it has started, from a bash shell: run docker run hello-world.

If you installed Docker Toolbox, open a Docker QuickStartTerminal.

If this succeeds, you are ready to run any software in a Docker container.

2. Testing software in your host operating system

  1. Open a bash shell.
  2. Make a new (empty) directory named hmt-work, and cd into it.
  3. In your shell, run git clone YOUR_REPOSITORY
  4. cd into your repository directory.
  5. Open Atom on your project with atom . (note the period, which means “this directory”)

That’s all the software you’ll use in your native operating system (e.g., Mac OS, Windows, Linux…) You can quit the sbt console (:quit) and close your bash shell.

3. Optional: testing the HMT Docker container

Optionally, if you want to be sure that you can run the HMT Docker container, follow the instructions on the container github repository.

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