Week 1 schedule

Seminar sessions are held in House A.

Mon., June 24

Arrival, and opening reception (CHS Common Room, 6:30)

Tues., July 25

10:00 a.m.: hackathon, part 1. HMT editing.

1:30 p.m.: hackathon, part 2. Validating and verifying.

3:00: Netherlands vs. Japan, House A.

AM seminars begin at 9:00 a.m., PM sessions begin at 2:00 p.m.

Wed., June 26

AM session: The Homer Multitext as an Extension of the Fieldwork of Milman Parry and Albert Lord. Reading assignment in advance of session: Forthcoming articles from the Cambridge Homer Encyclopedia (will be sent by email):

  • Dué, C. and G. Nagy, “Albert Bates Lord.”
  • Dué, C. and G. Nagy, “Milman Parry.”
  • Ebbott, M. “Homeric Epic in Performance.”

PM session: TEI markup and the HMT editing workflow in more depth

Thurs., June 27

AM session: Reading scholia.

PM session: From Song to Text. Reading assignment in advance of session:

  • Dué, C. “Epea Pteroenta: How We Came to Have Our Iliad.” In C. Dué, Achilles Unbound
  • Dué, C., and M. Ebbott. “The Homer Multitext within the history of access to Homeric epic.” In Monica Berti (ed.), Digital Classical Philology: Ancient Greek and Latin in the Digital Revolution (in the De Gruyter series Age of Access? Grundfragen der Informationsgesellschaft). Forthcoming.

Fri., June 28

AM session: Indexing related scholia.

PM session: The Poetics of an Oral Tradition.

  • Ebbott, M. “Seeking Odysseus’s Sister.” Michigan Quarterly Review 56.2 (2017): 268–284

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