Week 2 schedule

Seminar sessions are held in House A.

Mon., July 1

AM session: the poetics of Iliad 17. Reading: Dué, C., and M. Ebbott. 2012. “Mothers-in-Arms: Soldiers’ Emotional Bonds and Homeric Similes.” War, Literature & the Arts 24. (previously distributed).

PM session: topic modelling the Venetus A manuscript. For an introduction to topic modelling, please read Matthew Jocker’s now classic fable, “The LDA Buffet.”

Evening: Optional pub trivia expedition.

Tues., July 2

AM session: Writing with markdown

PM session: Scholia reading session

Wed., July 3

AM session: The “Twins” in relation to the Venetus A

PM session: Distant Reading. Reading: “The Risks of Distant Reading” (chapter 5 of Ted Underwood, Distant Horizons: Digital Evidence and Literary Change, Univ. of Chicago Press, 2019).

By afternoon work period, each group has identified initial focus for Friday presentation.

Evening: Traditional, oral, composed in performance Dutch pancake potlake.

Thurs., July 4

AM session: rehearse presentations.

Lunch: catered Fourth of July Barbecue!

PM: no group session. Work on presentations, continue editing, enjoy the Fourth of July!

Fri., July 5

AM session: Group presentations.

PM session: Retrospective/prospective look at HMT in 2019.

Evening: closing banquet.

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