Explore the scholia

Use the frame below (or this Observable notebook, from which the frame is dynamically embedded) to search a diplomatic text of the Venetus A scholia. (See more detailed instructions below.)


You can search the scholia using any combination of:

  • a string search on a diplomatic text in lower case, with all accents and breathings stripped
  • filtering scholia by critical signs on the associated Iliad line. Selecting more than one sign filters for lines including all the selected signs. Order is not taken into consideration: checking both obelos and asteriskos will match sequences of those two signs in any order.
  • filtering results by presence of a numbered simile marker

If the scholion is correctly indexed to a line of the Iliad (nearly all are), the display of results includes the Iliad reference, and links to facsimile editions of the Venetus A manuscript .

Note that characters falling outside the set allowed by current standards of the HMT project are displayed by Unicode numeric code point between ## characters. We are working to bring our edition up to a uniform standard.

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