Key to typography in Erbse, "Scholia vetera in Iliadem"

  • parenthesized references are to the Iliad passage being commented on.
  • bold-faced number (possibly followed by letters and more numbers, e.g., “2 b 2”) gives Erbse’s identifier for that scholion
  • italicized abbreviations in margins, separated by vertical bar (pipe), give Erbse’s attributions. Corresponding vertical bars in the text break up the text into the sections he attributes to each source. (NB: we can ignore all of this.)
  • bold-faced sigla following text indicate the MSS in which the scholion occurs
  • widely spaced lettering followed by colon: lemma for entry
  • angle brackets: Erbse’s restorations, not in MS
  • within the text, parenthesized notes gives references to sources of quoted passages

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