Indexing the Main Text

  1. In your github repository, go to the ‘indices’ folder and open the ‘…textToImage-Iliad.csv’ file.
  2. This file has two columns, one for Text URNs and one for Image URNs.
  3. Select the edit button (top right corner, looks like a pencil).
  4. Your text URNs should correspond to the Iliadic line you are indexing. Remember that this is a version specific urn, so there should be some reference for the manuscript you are working in.

    e.g. urn:cts:greekLit.tlg0012.tlg001.msA:18.1 (refers to Iliad 18.1 in the Venetus A)

  5. Using the image citation tool, create a region of interest (draw a box) around the relevant line and copy the URN it generates into the table. You can find the ICT when you search an image and click the “Cite & Quote Image” option below the thumbnail. You can search for images here.
  6. Be sure to verify that you are using the correct line references by checking with an edition of the Iliad. You can do this either before you start or be regularly checking as you (e.g. every five lines or so).

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