Using the Comparetti facisimile


In 1901, Domenico Comparetti produced a 1:1 facsimile of the manuscript. In 2007, the HMT project took high-resolution photography of the manuscript, including some UV light shots for selected pages or regions of pages. The HMT project has also digitized the Comparetti facsimile, so that you compare the photography of the Venetus A as it was in 2007 with the evidence of Comparetti’s photography of the manuscript in 1901.

Consider two examples

  1. Folio 192 recto as it appeared in 2007
  2. Folio 192 recto in the digital image Comparetti’s 1901 photograph

To use Comparetti images as you are editing

  1. Go to:
  2. Select Look up material by urn
  3. Under Find links to... and other objects, enter the object urn for your folio (e.g. urn:cite:hmt:msA.12r).
  4. What do you get?
    • default image
    • additional regular light images
    • the Comparetti facsimile
    • any available special light images or close ups

If there is fading:

  1. Always index citable texts to the default image in your main indexing file (even if you can not see anything).
  2. Add a secondary index to any other images that offer better visuals in: collections/venA-secondaryimages.csv.

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