Cheat sheet: the HMT Docker container

Start the container

docker run -ti --name hmt -v $(pwd):/workspace neelsmith/hmteditor

When you’re done working, from the bash shell, just exit. (Remember that if you’re in an sbt console, you need to quit that first, with :quit.)

Exiting the shell stops the container.

Resuming work

To resume work in a stopped container, first restart the container:

docker restart hmt

then run a bash sh (/bin/bash) in the restarted container:

docker exec -ti hmt /bin/bash

Optional short cuts

In bash, you can put two commands together with &&, for example,

docker restart hmt && docker exec -ti hmt /bin/bash

You can define a short cut, or alias, for those commands in a configuration file (named .bash_profile in OS X, or .bashrc in Windowsn and Linux). Here’s an example defining a short cut named dbash:

alias dbash='docker restart hmt && docker exec -ti hmt /bin/bash

The next time you start a bash terminal, you can use the command dbash instead of the long comand sequence. If you want to use the alias immediately, run source .bash_profile or source .bashrc.

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