Atom is “a hackable text editor.” People have written plugins for Atom to do just about anything you can think of (and probably more). We use it for editing many kinds of documents, incuding

  • tabular text data
  • prose written in Markdown
  • scripts in Scala
  • TEI XML documents


Download and install Atom: If you are on OS X, open Atom and choose from the Atom menu, “Install Shell Commands”.

From a bash shell, use the atom package manager apm to install several packages that will be useful in your editing work. You can copy and paste the following commands directly in a bash shell:

apm install intentions
apm install busy-signal
apm install linter
apm install linter-ui-default
apm install linter-autocomplete-jing
apm install atom-xsltransform
apm install xml-formatter
apm install rainbow-csv
apm install atom-wrap-in-tag
apm install

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