The Homer Multitext project: digital archive

Archival data

Beginning in 2014, citable publications of the HMT project data archive are being released approximately three times per year. Zip files can be manually downloaded from, or retrieved using these maven coordinates.

All of our editorial work is kept in simple text files: TEI-conformant XML for our texts, and delimited text files (.csv, .tsv) for other structured data. Teams develop drafts of their work in personal git repositories; when draft material passes a suite of automated tests, it is accepted in the HMT project central repository on github, where the current archive of material provisionally accepted for publication is always freely available.

In addition to our editorial work, the HMT project hosts an archive of downloadable images. All images are licensed under terms of various Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licenses that define the terms under which we freely use these images and make them available to others. Please see detailed information about the licensing for each set of images, and note that some copyright holders restrict commercial use. In these cases, parties interested in securing commercial rights should contact the copyright-holding institutions directly.