Homer Multitext project: downloadable data

All scholarly material created by Homer Multitext project is available under the terms of a Creative Commons license, and can be freely reused under the terms of those licenses.

Scholarly editions and other textual material

Release versions of TEI-compliant editions of texts, and other documentary material, will be published through the HMT project’s artifact repository. TEI texts are in the hmtxml package: you may search artifact repository for hmtxml or browse manually at this URL.

Binary image data

Binary image data at full archival resolution can be directly downloaded from any of the following mirrors:

All images are available under the terms of a Creative Commons attribution license: further details are included in README files for each data set.

md5 checksums are included for each image so you can verify that downloads or mirrors have not been corrupted.


Stable URLs for Homer Multitext project’s listing of downloadable data: