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CHS Image Extension: methods

The CHS Image service understands the following requests:

If the service optionally provides support for zoomable images, it understands two additional requests:

Except for GetBinaryImage, all of the methods return an XML reply validating against one of the CHS Image reply schemas.

All methods require a parameter named urn, giving a CITE URN, optionally qualified by a region of interest.


Returns binary image data.

Optional parameter: w (width) giving a preferred pixel size for the width of the output image. Note that if the CITE URN includes a region of interest, w refers to the size of the entire source image, from which the region of interest is clipped.


Returns appropriate text for a caption or description of the image.


Returns information about licensing and rights.


Returns a structured XML description of the information necessary to create a web page with a zoomable image using IIPMooViewer. An xslt stylesheet can build a zoomable interface from this information; if an RoI is included, it can be highlighted on the zoomable image.


Returns a structured XML description of caption and rights information, and URLs for retrieving a binary image and for a zoomable interface.