Homer Multitext project 2014 Summer Seminar at the Center for Hellenic Studies

Important announcements for participants

The summer seminar for 2014 has now concluded, and we are beginning to transfer mateiral useful for contributors to the HMT project to a more permanent URL. Please see the links at http://www.homermultitext.org/for-editors.html.


From June 19 (arrival) - July 3 (departure), the Homer Multitext project is again conducting a seminar giving undergraduate and faculty teams hands-on experience contributing to the project.

Collaborative projects

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Important background information for participants


The following documentation from summer 2014, together with many of the links on the resources page, are migrating to the HMT project’s main collection of material for editors and contributors at http://www.homermultitext.org/for-editors.html.