Homer Multitext project: summer seminar 2014

Regular seminar sessions are held in House A. The location of other events is noted on the schedule.

In the table below, links are to reading or other assignments you should complete before the session.

Introduction to the seminar, June 19-June 21

Date Topic Follow-up assignment
Th., June 19, 6:00 pm Informal reception, CHS Common Room Familiarize yourself with the seminar web site
Fri., June 20, 9:00 am Orientation: the Homer Multitext virtual machine Teams begin paleographic annotation of Iliad text. Optionally, learn more about using your virtual machine.
Fri., June 20, 2:00 pm Orientation: CHS library and facilities, CHS Common Room Teams begin hard-copy editing of Iliad text. Read Allen’s summary of his study of how the Venetus A was composed
Sat., June 21, 9:00 am The HMT project and the CITE architecture Teams begin work for “The Venetian Homer in 2014”
Sat., June 21, 2:00 pm Parry and Lord; Homeric Questions as background of the Multitext project Complete paleographic annotation and hard-copy editing of Iliad text

Editing Iliad 12, June 23-June 27

Date Topic Follow-up assignment
Mon., June 23, 9:00 am Texts and markup Teams begin XML editing of Iliad text
Mon., June 23, 2:00 pm Iliad 12 as oral, traditional poetry Teams validate text/artifact/image relations for Iliad text
Mon., June 23, 4:00 pm In CHS main building conference room: optional meeting for those with background or interest in statistical methods
Tues., June 24, 9:00 am Evolution of the Homeric poems and the historical documents that transmit them Teams index scholia to image and page
NB Tues., June 24, 2:30 pm Introduction to reading scholia (including skype conference with HMT teams at Holy Cross) Teams complete editing Iliad, indexing scholia, testing with dse.sh
Wed., June 25, 9:00 am Data models for scholarship using the CITE architecture All teams begin editing scholia
Wed., June 25, 2:00 pm Analyzing the visual organization (mise en page) of Venetus A Teams identify one or more scholia for Thursday morning session
Thurs., June 26, 9:00 am Scholia reading party (including skype conference with Holy Cross teams)
Thurs., June 26, 2:00 pm Working with writing in citedown format
Fri., June 27, 9:00 am Added lines, omitted lines, quoted lines: some examples from Iliad 12
Fri., June 27, 2:00 pm Using regular expressions to create a citable translation of Proclus, Chrestomathy
Fri., June 27, 6:00 pm Catered dinner, CHS dining room

Preliminary research results, June 30-July 2

Date Topic Follow-up assignment
Mon., June 30, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm (see schedule of times) Individual groups rehearse presentations Revise slides for Tues. presentation
Tues., July 1, 10:00 am Formal presentations (seminar session to be streamed?) Work on “Venetian Homer in 2014”
Tues., July 1, 2:00 pm The Venetian Homer in 2014 Group conferences by institution
Wed., July 2, 9:00 am Some research questions about the Venetus A beyond this week
Wed., July 2, 2:00 pm Retro-pro-spective
Wed., July 2, 6:00 pm Closing reception