Canonical Text Services

The Canonical Text Services (CTS) are part of the CITE architecture. The CTS specification defines a network service for identifying texts and for retrieving fragments of texts by canonical reference expressed as CTS URNs.


See an overview of CTS.

CTS by example

See the live examples from a cts demo site of an early version of CTS.


Test suite and CTS validator

A test suite includes a sample data set of texts and a TextInventory file describing them, test requests to apply to the sample data set, and files with valid responses to the test requests. “CTS validator” is a webapp that uses the test suite to measure an installation’s compliance with the CTS 3 protocol. More details (with download links).


The reference implementation of CTS version 3 in groovy/java, and a parallel python implementation using Google’s AppEngine framework are currently being tested.

See more details.