Improved validation and analysis of textual content

Summer work at Holy Cross editing Iliad 18 and 19 in the Venetus A manuscript wrapped up on July 31. The team completed new editions of thousands of words of scholia; because they meticulously applied the HMT project’s validation system (MOM) to every page they worked on, they helped improve enormously the code libraries providing the underpinnings of MOM’s validation. As a result, the milestones in the issue tacker for the hmt-utils library now include a series of projects that will not only improve our real-time validation of editorial work, but will support increasingly sophisticated analyses with automated indexing and correlation of HMT content.

The whole project, and especially everyone working on the technical development of HMT, owes a huge debt of thanks to Brian Clark, Claude Hanley, Stephanie Lindeborg, Stephanie Neville, Charlie Schufreider Alex Simrell and Melody Wauke.

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