Escorial Ω 1.12 (513 = Allen E4)

Escorial Ω.1.12 (=Allen’s E4, West F) is an 11th century parchment codex, thought by Allen to be later than Υ.1.1, consisting of 216 folios containing a complete text of the Iliad, a commentary with lemmata on Iliad 1–2.300, hypotheses, lives of Homer, a summary of the Cypria and the Batrachomyomachia (“Battle of Frogs and Mice”), excerpts from Porphyry, and other scholia. According to Allen (1931:148), E4 is not related to any of the other early minuscule manuscripts. The manuscript contains at least two distinct hand and at least three colors of ink: black, a purplish-red, and an orangish red. The reds are used for titles, decoration, lemmata, ‘footnote’ symbols, initial letters on lines of poetry that begin a new “section,” such as lines that end a direct speech/change speakers. The binding is 16th century.

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